About me

I am a registered drama therapist and licensed creative arts therapist with over eighteen years of experience in mental health. After graduating from New York University, I started my practice working with people of all ages and backgrounds, throughout New York City. I previously was a professor of drama therapy at Manhattanville College, as well as at Kansas State University, and often guest lecture at many nearby schools. I completed post-graduate training from the Psychotherapy Center for Gender and Sexuality’s certificate program in LGBTQ Affirmative Psychotherapy. Continuing to grow and develop, as a therapist and person, is important to me. Currently, I am completing post-graduate training in arts and trauma treatment through the Kint Institute, as well as a certification for a specific method of drama therapy called Rehearsals For Growth.

As a warm, passionate and astute clinician, I use creative interventions to support and encourage real change. The arts and drama are powerful forms of self-expression. Using metaphor, story, play, and dramatic improvisation to go beyond just talking, people are able to access new parts of themselves and take action in their lives.

I have helped children and adults work through issues related to domestic violence, childhood trauma, divorce, mental illness, addiction, gender and sexual orientation conflicts and support, parenting support, bullying, and school-related stress, opposition and anger, depression and low self-esteem and more.

In addition to my therapy work, I am a published author, specializing in gender and sexuality affirmative psychotherapy across all ages. I frequently teach and provide trainings on the use of creative arts therapy with LGBTQ and gender-expansive individuals and their families. I am passionate about creating a safe, creative and affirming space for my clients, both in the office and more importantly with themselves.