Individual Therapy



Play is how children develop life skills for their future, and so I help them use play, puppetry, drama and creative arts to explore personal issues in a way that is more effective than simply talking. I help kids develop coping skills for life conflicts in a safe and age-appropriate form. In sessions I cater interventions to individual needs and outcomes. 

In working with children, I always incorporate parents and caregivers in order to best support the child and family in achieving the best results. 

I also work collaboratively with other providers such as psychiatrist, psychologists, schools and teachers, and other important individuals in children's lives to ensure continuity of care. 


I understand the developmental complexities  and nuances of this age group. I provide teenagers with a nonjudgmental  and safe space to explore identity issues and deal with personal and social  conflicts. I help them express their feelings, ambivalence and confusion  regarding their future and encourage them to try on various roles until they find the ones that fit best.

The teen years can be a tumultuous time, filled with numerous emotions and behaviors that adults struggle to understand and connect with. Teenagers want to meet with someone who interacts with them like a real person, someone they can be comfortable with. By allowing a teenager a separate, confidential space to work through their feelings, decision making, and relationships with parents, peers and their future, the trajectory of their lives and self-image can be significantly improved.


Many people come to me saying, "I just don't feel like anything is changing or helping". I help adults clarify and evaluate the various roles they play in  life and the impact those roles have on their lives and others’ lives so they  can develop more confidence and a better sense of self. Sessions may focus  on working through underlying emotional issues, assessing and prioritizing needs, exploring life satisfaction and working toward accomplishing personal goals and emotional stability.  

In sessions, I utilize humor and compassion in helping to develop a relationship that is collaborative, interactive and multi-dimensional, not just sitting back in silence. The process may be strictly verbal, as well as integrate the use of drama therapy and visual arts, at the comfort level and interest of the client, to help illuminate areas and impact change through more experiential means.